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Public Housing FAQs

How long will my application stay on the waiting list?
Your application is placed on a waiting list. Once your name reaches the top of the waiting list, we will contact you by letter. Please make sure that you provide an accurate address.

Do you provide emergency housing?
Unfortunately, we do not have emergency housing. Each applicant is placed on a waiting list.

What is the process of my application?
See Eligibility Requirements

What is the security deposit?

What utilities are included?
No utilities are included in the rent. Utilities are: Light, Water, and Gas

Is there a preference to be placed on the waiting list?
See Verification of Local Preference

How is my rent determined?
See Determination of Income and Rent Calculation

What is the lease term in public housing?
A one-year lease term

What is Flat Rent?
Flat rent is the rent charged for comparable units in the private, unassisted rental market at which the PHA will not pay a utility reimbursement for a family that has chosen to pay a flat rent for its unit.

What is income-based rent?
An amount based on the projected family income for the subsequent 12-month period.