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Becoming a Landlord

HUD Landlord Resources

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How To Qualify

The landlord must agree to accept subsidy for their tenant, by entering into a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract with the Housing Authority of Darlington (HAD).

Please click here to view the current HUD-required Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract.


 The rent requested must be reasonable and the landlord must not charge the tenant amount other than what HAD has determined the tenant's portion of rent.

Inspection Process

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program regulations at 24 CFR Part 982 sets forth basic housing quality standards (HQS) which all units must meet before assistance can be paid on behalf of a family and at least bi-annually throughout the term of the assisted tenancy. HQS defines standard housing and establishes the minimum criteria for the health and safety of program participants. Current HQS regulations consist of 13 key aspects of housing quality, performance requirements, and acceptability criteria to meet each performance requirement. HQS includes requirements for all housing types including single and multifamily dwelling units, as well as manufactured homes. 

Please click here to view 24 CFR 982.401.

Listing Your Unit with HAD

All available units should be listed by the landlord or property manager on


All Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) are paid via direct deposit.