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March 2023 Newsletter

Important Dates for Tenants

  • March 1st - Rent, Retro Rent, and Repayments Due
  • March 7th - Late Notices Mailed
  • March 8th - Evictions Filed for February Rent
  • May 1st - Recertification packets will be delivered to Bowen
  • May 25th - Recertification packets will be delivered to Pine Village
  • June 20th - Recertification packets will be delivered to Asbury, Baltimore and Richmond

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance: 843.496.8519
Non-Emergency Maintenance: 843.393.0436 ext. 2003

Do not call Emergency Maintenance unless it is a true emergency; maintenance will not be dispatched in the middle of the night.
We do not come out nights or weekends to change or replace light bulbs. The charge for opening a door after hours is $50.00. If you have an emergency, please call, and leave your name, address, phone number and details about your emergency. For all other maintenance concerns, please call the office and leave a message, and we will take care of it during the normal work week.

Maintenance Reminders

  • PLEASE! Do not flush anything in toilets but toilet tissue. Do not pour grease down the drains in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • The city Street and Sanitation Department have informed us that all trash bags and trash that is not in the trash container will not be picked up. If you have trash that is left beside the curb and our staff must remove it, you will be fined.
  • Tenants, to expedite your concerns, please call or email staff members that you need to see to make an appointment prior to coming to the office. Making an appointment allows staff to be prepared to service you quickly and efficiently.

Groundhog Day

Did the Groundhog see his shadow on February 2, 2023? YES, HE DID!!

Groundhog Day is famously connected to weather prediction, with the most prominent tradition involving a groundhog predicting the conclusion of winter by seeing (or not seeing) his own shadow.

According to weather lore:

  • Sees His Shadow: If the plump prognosticator emerges from his hole on a clear day and sees his shadow, he will retreat, and there will be six more weeks of wintry weather.

  • No Shadow: If he emerges from his burrow and does NOT see his shadow, then early spring weather is right around the corner.

House Cleaning Checklist

  • Front and Back Porch/Stoop
    • Sweep porch/stoop.
    • Sweep down spider webs and debris around front door and ceiling of porch (if you have one).
  • Living Room
    • Pick up clutter and consider recycling or donating unused items.
    • Dust furniture from top to bottom.
    • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Kitchen
    • Wipe down countertops and cabinets.
    • Clean the face of your appliances (Refrigerator, stove, toaster oven, air fryer).
    • Wipe down stove top, clean knobs, oven, lift stove top up and clean.
    • Clean inside of refrigerator with warm soapy water
    • Pull refrigerator out, sweep and mop behind it.
    • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Bedrooms
    • Reposition furniture so nothing covers a window that can be used to exit room in case of emergency.
    • Make bed(s).
    • Hang up all clothing and put shoes in closet.
    • Dust furniture from top to bottom.
    • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Bathroom
    • Wet tub/shower walls with warm water, apply cleaner and let sit.
    • Clean shower rack/soap dish.
    • Rinse walls of shower and clean tub.
    • Clean sink.
    • Wipe cabinets and counter tops.
    • Clean mirror.
    • Shine faucets.
    • Mop the floor.
  • Dust blinds and clean all windowsills in each room!